Prince. That is all.

Prince. That is all.


IT’s 2014!!!!

Errr how did that happen? News to come soon on what we’ve got coming up for 2014 in the mean time check out Soundcloud for all our latest mixes here……

Check out Disco Mums and Friends relaxing in the countryside here:

and have a look at all the best people stood in front of a caravan here:

(WETPLAY FULL BEAM DISCO MUMS KWASI FLEMMING DALLUM - RED Laser photo shoot) (Not in that order)

Tara for now xx


New Disco Mum Mix Alert!!

It’s been a while, but here’s an all vinyl mix from Disco Mum Wills. Bit less disco, bit more house this time. Lots of new and old significant records in here for us from the last year, inspired by too many good nights sometimes as DJs, but mainly as punters. The Loft Party in London, Wetplay, Electric’s End of Year Riot, Back to Basics, Red Laser Disco, That Amazing Thing. There’s something from all of those nights which have been a big influence on us or have created memorable moments. That’s what it’s about for us. Ears open.  Always. Hope you enjoy xxxx


Happy New Year from yer Mams!!

Thanks to all who supported us last year. Crikey we had a ball. Electric Elephant, Magic Loungeabout, Unconvention, Back to Basics, The Nook, Cowbell, That Amazing Thing and more….we salute you. Above all we salute Red Laser Disco for a residency which brought us heaps of good times last year, we’re really proud to be part of what’s turned into something special in Manchester’s underground rave up scene. If you don’t know about it, you should. Check out sounds on head honcho Il Bosco’s soundcloud page, and the Red Laser soundcloud page. Do not fail to read the blog - it’s probably the best thing you’ll ever read. Oh and buy the EPs released on Red Laser Records. That should cover it.

2013 looking a bit exciting for the DMs, got some reet good dos lined up. Not least this: Paulette Goes Bang where we’ll be playing in March, super excited for that one. New nights, old nights, festivals…….bring it on……who knows where we’ll be found at sunrise wearing bonnie tyler wigs again. Updates soon.

Check out our soundcloud for mixes.

For now we’ll leave you with a couple of mixes that have been floatin our boat recently. Keep an eye out for a new one from us next week. (Probably).

Tata for now xx

PBR Streetgang

Il Bosco

Jon K


Mega moment of 2012!!